Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard - Star Trek Edition

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Star Trek  Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth Futuristic Portable
  • HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR MADE FOR MAC, ANDROID, & WINDOWS - A keyboard for every user. The hologram keyboard can be used with devices support Bluetooth 3.0 or higher! Connect or pair this magic keyboard projector to your smart phone, desktop computer or tablet keyboard via Bluetooth and get the convenience of a full size keyboard and mouse everywhere you go! Our laser projection keyboard is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Windows, and Mac. (iOS devices do not support mouse function)
  • LIGHT & PORTABLE BLUETOOTH MOUSE AND KEYBOARD - Leave your laptop computer at home with the portable Bluetooth keyboard. Our light and compact keyboard device measures at 78 x 40 x 20mm and only weighs 54g. Set up your office desk anywhere with this laser projected keyboard and mouse combo. An ergonomic and travel-friendly wireless mouse and keyboard for busy professionals on the go.
  • FULL SIZE KEYBOARD AND WIRELESS MOUSE - Tired of your phone's small keyboard? End typing on a small screen with the laser keyboard projector. This holographic projector features a 0.3-megapixel camera and a 5.5mm lens to produce a light up keyboard with amazing display resolution. Whether you use a keyboard for iPhone, Android tablet or Microsoft Computer, or Keyboard for iPad, this mini projector can cast a full-sized keyboard hologram onto any flat surface!
  • LASER PROJECTOR WITH LONG-LASTING BATTERY - Experience improved power efficiency with our virtual wireless keyboard mouse combo. With a built-in Lithium-ion 700mAh rechargeable battery, this virtual computer keyboard can last for up to 2 hours. To charge this virtual laser keyboard, simply connect the holographic keyboard/Bluetooth mouse to a USB socket. Battery charging time around 120 minutes.
  • ULTRA-FAST BLUETOOTH V3.0 CONNECTION - This wireless keyboard with mouse uses the latest Bluetooth V3.0 technology to project a full size keyboard with touchpad onto any flat surface in just seconds. First, connect the laser keyboard projector to your device, then press the power button to start projecting the hologram keyboard & mouse. Replace your phone's touchpad keyboard and desk computer mouse/keyboard with an ergonomic keyboard that uses virtual laser technology.